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08th Mar. 2018NEWS

Latest News report vol.104 and 105 have been updated !!

08th Mar. 2018PRODUCT

Rotary cutter 28mm and 60mm joined to our lineup !!

08th Mar. 2018PRODUCT

Straight rules SH-series joined to our lineup !!

02nd Nov. 2017PRODUCT

Long shaft scraper SCL-1200BC joined to our lineup !!

02nd Nov. 2017PRODUCT

S-11 has been renewed to the “Slim Black (S-11B)” !!

02nd Nov. 2017NEWS

Latest News report vol.100,101,102 and 103 have been updated !!

12th Jul. 2017NEWS

Latest News report vol.95, 96, 97, 98 and 99 have been updated !!

01st Jul. 2017PRODUCT

PRO NEXT “PX19-55W EU” (Width 19mm) joined to our lineup !!

12th Jun. 2017PRODUCT

KDS Safety Metal Pro (SA-14) and Safety Metal (SA-12B) are debut !!

13th Dec. 2016NEWS

Latest News report vol.94 has been updated !!